Tuesday Nights
6:30 - 8:30 pm

EBU-3B 2154

  • Global Game Jam

    VGDC is hosting a Global Game Jam location at UCSD CSE B270, Friday Jan 24th!


    Meets Tuesday nights, 6:30pm in CSE 2154

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VGDC Spring Game Jam 2014

VGDC’s Game Jam this quarter will be during the weekend of Week 3, starting 6pm Friday the 18th and ending at when-we-fall-asleep pm Saturday night. We’ll be in the main CSE building conference room, 1202. Like always, bring your laptops, snacks if you want, and feel free to come and go whenever you like.
This time around we’re encouraging everyone to make their games in Unity. Unity’s fairly easy to learn, very powerful, and exports to most platforms; plus it’s all the rage these days, so it’s a valuable tool to learn. A few of our members are quite experienced with Unity, so feel free to ask around for help. Collaboration! Yeah!
Please RSVP on Facebook here (and join our Facebook group to get in the loop!): https://www.facebook.com/events/772869466058695

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Global Game Jam at UCSD

VGDC will be hosting Global Game Jam at UCSD! Join us on Friday the 24th for a weekend of game development on a global scale! Work on games and talk with independent developers from across San Diego who will be joining us at our event.
To join the fun, register for our location on the global game jam website:

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